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and partial fistulectomy"

 By Dr. Mukul Patel

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Dear Dr. Kotecha,
I can hardly believe that over four months have passed since my studies in Jaipur, and I apologies for my belated contact. Life since returning to the UK has been ever so busy but now - a space - and it is great to touch base with you!
How are you, your family and the Chakrapani team? I do hope you are all very well. Please do send my very best wishes to Dr. Neha, Pinki and all the wonderful staff who made my time with you so memorable and special. Remembering the team brings a big smile to my face.
I promised to write to give you a testimony, and can simply attest that your practice - both as a clinic and training center - is exceptional. I've jotted down my thoughts in points below, to cover off the various points:

Training: theory:

  • The variety and quality of the course modules was in-depth, thought-provoking and approachable: accessible both for those new to Ayurvedic medicine and those with a grounding in the practice. I found the lessons to be very well structured and was delighted with the one-to-one contact I was fortunate to have with many esteemed academics which was totally unmissable. Lessons were accompanied by presentations and notes, which were both detailed and written in perfect English. I would highly recommend your courses to anybody who is interested in getting what I believe to be some of the best training in the world for Indian traditional medicine.

Training: practical:

  • Dr Neha and I struck up a firm friendship, and I found her teaching to be very motivating. Pinki was a patient assistant and I felt the classes moved at a good pace. The opportunity to see the treatments performed, receive treatment and practice was excellent, and helped to develop our skills as practitioners. From the clean practice rooms to the careful use of herbs and oils, I felt that the learning environment was both safe and highly professional.

 Clinic and support

  • As a solo female traveller, I have to say that I was absolutely taken care of - from being greeted at my guest house and almost immediately driven to meet Dr Kotecha who gave a very warm welcome, to being offered the chance to move to alternative accommodation (house stay) where I could experience living with an Indian family and spend more time with friends I had made during my studies. I was so appreciative of the support given to me, and it is a testament to the caring and kindness that Chakrapani, Dr Kotecha and his team embody.

I can wholeheartedly recommend training or treatment with Chakrapaniayurveda and I hope that is an encouragement to more individuals who would like to study the wonderful system of Ayurveda.
Dr, I will be in touch again soon - I would like to purchase some oils; I remember talking to Dr Neha about this before I left, and she told me to get in touch with her directly to sort out a batch to send across to the UK. Would this be the best way for me to order? Thanks for your help. And let me leave you with my very best wishes - may this year bring you much happiness,

(Trainee at Chakrapani) 

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