Intermediate Ayurveda – Level II


This course is an intermediate level course for the beginners in Ayurveda field. Ayurveda being a vast science, covers different aspects of life. The more we study the more interesting it becomes, increasing our desire for knowledge and to learn more. This course is suggested for those who have read about Ayurveda from different sources but wants to learn about real Ayurveda from professionals. This course covers basic concepts of Ayurveda, which are covered under Level I course along with more deeper concepts. The course covers the knowledge of Ayurveda spread upto the level of food we eat, our digestive system, the routines – daily and seasonal regimens, diet from Ayurveda prospective, also covers an introduction to the pharmacology branch of Ayurveda teaching us the way to study a plant.

  • Course Duration : 7 Months
  • Requires 45 hours of study
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Unit 1 – Basic principles & philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit 2 – Concept of Doshas (The biological humors)

Unit 3 – Concept of Dhatu, updhatus and Mala (The tissues and the excreta’s)

Unit 4 – Prakriti – The body constitution

Unit 5 – Concept of Agni (biological fire) and Ama (the undigested elements)

Unit 6 – Concept of Supporting pillars of Ayurveda

Unit 7 – Dinacharya (the daily regimen) and Ritucharya (the seasonal regimen)

Unit 8 – Ayurveda Pharmacology – Dravyaguna

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  • Understanding Prakriti (Body Type)
  • Importance of Agni (Digestive Fire)
  • Importance of Sleep & its Benefits (An Ayurveda View)
  • Importance of Vyayama

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