Ayurveda and Panchakarma (E-book)


Panchakarma is the basic and most important treatment methodology in Ayurveda. Panchakarma is the
detoxifying methods which have impact on both physical and mental level. It can be practiced in a
healthy person in order to maintain his health status and in disease condition to get rid off the illness
from its root. Even though it is hard and strenuous procedure to some, the result getting from it is like
juice from a fresh fruit- sweet and pure.

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  • Origin of Ayurveda
  • Specialities of Ayurveda
  • What the Ayurveda means?
  • Basic Principles
  • A.PANCHA MAHABHUTA (The Five Basic Elements)
  • B.DOSHAS (Biological Elements)
  • 1) VATA
  • 2) PITTA
  • 3) KAPHA
  • Status of Doshas in relation to time, seasons & age
  • C. DHATUS (basic tissues)
  • D. MALAS (Waste products / excretas)
  • E. AGNI (Biological fire)
  • AMA : The enemy of health
  • Internal (Abhyantara) Snehana
  • Indication of Internal Snehana
  • Mardana
  • Pariseka (Effusion)
  • Avagaha (Oil Tub Bath)
  • Murdha Tailam (Head Oiling)
  • Shirodhara (Head Effusion)
  • Shiro Pichu (Oil Swab)
  • Akshi Tarpana
  • Classification of Svedana
  • Ekanga (Local) and Sarvanga (Whole Body) Svedana
  • Sagni Sveda
  • Prastara Svedana (Stone Slab Sudation)
  • Nadi Svedana
  • Bashpa Svedana
  • Local Basti (Immersion)
  • Jentaka Svedana (Sudatorium Sudation)
  • Kumbhi (Pitcher) Sveda
  • Indications of Svedana
  • Contraindication of Svedana
  • General Therapeutic Effects of Svedana Therapy
  • Symptoms of Proper (Samyak) Svedana
  • Management in the Morning of Vamana Day
  • Administration of Vamana Preparation
  • Symptoms of Proper Induction (Samyak) of Vamana
  • Samsarjana Krama (Diet Reltimen)
  • Symptoms of Ayoga of Vamana (Under Emesis)
  • Symptoms of Ati-Yoga of Varnana (Excessive Emesis))
  • Indication of Virechana Therapy
  • Virechana Drugs
  • 3. Bhedana :
  • 1. Virechana after Vamana Karma
  • Signs and Symptoms of Atiyoga (Excessive) of Virechana:
  • Mode of Action of Vamana and Virechana
  • Symptoms of Proper Anuvasana
  • Nasya for Specific conditions

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