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When we hear the word beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is the outer beauty or physical appearance. But Ayurveda approaches beauty in three aspects- physical, mental and spiritual. Beauty doesn’t mean fair complexion, it’s the clarity and nourishment of tissue elements (dhatus) that varies from person to person. Ayurveda advises various daily and seasonal regimens, diet, massages and other therapies to take care of skin , hair and other organs. This short course provides an outlook on:

  • Course Duration : 7 Months
  • Requires 40 hours of study
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Unit 1 – Basic principles & philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit 2 – Concept of Beauty in Ayurveda

Unit 3 – Skin Care through Ayurveda – Part I

Unit 4 – Skin Care through Ayurveda – Part II

Unit 5 – Hair Care through Ayurveda – Part I

Unit 6 – Hair Care through Ayurveda – Part II

Unit 7 – Lip care, Eye care, Nail care and Oral care through Ayurveda

Unit 8 – Some common health issues of Skin and Hair

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