Ayurveda Beauty Care


When we hear the word beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is the outer beauty or physical appearance. But Ayurveda approaches beauty in three aspects- physical , mental and spiritual.

  • Course Duration : 7 Months
  • Requires 40 hours of study
  • Detailed description below

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When we talk about beauty in the context of Ayurveda, it is not about market driven ideals of the moment. In Ayurveda, inner and outer beauties are intimately related. The more we nurture ourselves, the more radiant we become physically and expressively-regardless of our particular body shape or proportions. In keeping with the general orientation of Âyurvedic philosophy and healing, beauty can be viewed as having three aspects; an outer; inner, and secret aspect. When one balances the outer and inner, one has accomplished the secret aspect. Outer beauty is a gift but inner beauty is an accomplishment. Ayurveda has always understood beauty to be the product of general physical health and appropriate daily care it is not just a cosmetic event. The emphasis is on self knowledge and development of positive routines and habits that literally will bring out the best in ourselves. Beauty doesn’t mean fair complexion, it’s the clarity and nourishment of tissue elements (dhatus) that varies from person to person. Ayurveda advises various daily and seasonal regimens, diet, massages and other therapies to take care of skin , hair and other organs. This short course Ayurveda Beauty Care provides an outlook on:

Unit I – Basic principles & philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit II – Concept of Beauty in Ayurveda

Unit III – Skin Care through Ayurveda – Part I

Unit IV – Skin Care through Ayurveda – Part II

Unit V – Hair Care through Ayurveda – Part I

Unit VI – Hair Care through Ayurveda – Part II

Unit VII – Lip care, Eye care, Nail care and Oral care through Ayurveda

Unit VIII – Some common health issues of Skin and Hair

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