Advanced Ayurveda – Level III


This is an advanced level course covering all the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda science. This course covers all the basic and intermediate concepts, covered in Level I and Level II courses, along with the advanced topics liked Ayurveda ways of diagnosis, the concept of Ayurveda detoxification – panchakarma and the very interesting and useful concept of Rasayana -the rejuvenation in Ayurveda. This course is designed for people who want to start their journey in Ayurveda upto a level to help themselves, their families and dear ones. You can directly go for this course as all the advanced and basic concepts are covered under this course making you to cover all the aspects of Ayurveda science to keep yourselves and you family healthy and strong.

  • Course Duration : 11 Months
  • Requires 60 hours of study
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Unit 1 – Basic principles & philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit 2 – Concept of Doshas (The biological humors)

Unit 3 – Concept of Dhatu, updhatus and Mala (The tissues and the excreta’s)

Unit 4 – Prakriti – The body constitution

Unit 5 – Concept of Agni (biological fire) and Ama (the undigested elements)

Unit 6 – Concept of Supporting pillars of Ayurveda

Unit 7 – Dinacharya (the daily regimen) and Ritucharya (the seasonal regimen)

Unit 8 – Ayurveda Pharmacology – Dravyaguna

Unit 9 – Concept of Srotas (the macro and micro channels of body)

Unit 10 (Part-1) – Ayurveda ways of Diagnosis

Unit 10 (Part-2) – Ayurveda ways of Diagnosis

Unit 11 – Concept of Rasayana (the rejuvenation) and Panchakarma – the detoxification concept of Ayurveda

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