Women Care in Ayurveda


A woman is a beautiful creation of Universe which defines her aptitude to reproduce and sustain humanity. Ayurveda offers number of regimens to stay healthy and strong for a female, right from the birth. Detailed explanation of various stages of womanhood and care for the various stages has been explained in the text books.

  • Course Duration : 3 Months
  • Requires 20 hours of study
  • Detailed description below
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Ayurveda is known as Science of Life and deal with various aspects of health. Ayurveda focuses on the preventive health of a person. Women have been going through different stages from the birth. Multiple roles like daughter, wife and mother have to do for a woman in her whole life. There is detailed explanation of various stages of womanhood and how to deal with these stages can be seen in the text books of Ayurveda.  The changes in her life can create mild to severe health condition if she fails to adapt to it. A proper diet and importance of essential herbs have been explained by Ayurveda for women based on these various stages of life.  A clear observation on different stages of womanhood is done by ancient Acharyas of this eternal science. In this course – Women Care in Ayurveda you will get an idea about classification of womanhood and the various changes in her life. Detailed explanation on the functional and structural aspects of female health is narrated in this short term course on Women Care in Ayurveda.

Unit I – Basic principles and Philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit II – Stri Sharira (Physiology & Anatomy)

Unit III- Care in Balavasta and Madhyama avsta (childhood and middle age)

Unit IV – Care in Vridha avasta (Old Age)

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