Prakriti: The Body Type Principle of Ayurveda


The knowledge of prakriti is very important and useful for understanding of human life, health status, disease susceptibility, preventive & promotive health care, planning treatment. This course is designed to provide you a detailed description about Prakriti and its practical application in daily life.

  • Course Duration : 3 Months
  • Requires 20 hours of study
  • Detailed description below

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Prakriti is the inborn default configuration of the Dosha of an individual. It defines the characteristics of the individual that makes them distinct. The word means ‘nature’, therefore, it reflects the natural state of human beings at anatomical, physiological and psychological level. When this natural state gets altered, it becomes the cause of disease. Like fingerprints, each person has a unique Doshic constitution and hence each individual is different in their compatibilities, health needs and disease susceptibilities. According to the Prakriti, individuals are susceptible to certain types of diseases, some diets and lifestyles are incompatible whereas specific regimes are helpful to maintain good health. Avoiding the diet and lifestyle aggravating the dominant Dosha of Prakriti and adopting the lifestyle and diet pacifying the dominant Dosha of Prakriti keeps the individual healthy and long lived.

As we know Ayurveda considers the three biological entities – Vata, Pitta and Kapha as Doshas. Depending upon the dominancy of one or more Dosha in the body reflects its normal status known as Prakriti. This course covers the Sharirika Prakruti (Body Constitution) and Manasika (Mental Constitution) Prakruti which includes the physical, physiological and psychological characters. Also, how to identify the individual Prakruti and plan a Prakruti based diet and life style for each person is explained in detail in this course.

Along with the basic concepts, analysis of Prakruti, food adaptation according to prakruti and seasonal adaptation according to prakruti, characteristics of each Dosha (physical constitution) in combination with Manasika prakruti (mental constitution) have also been covered under this course.

There are 4 Units in this course.

Unit I – Basic principles and Philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit II – Basic Concepts of Prakriti (Body Constitution)

Unit III – Food Adaptation according to Prakriti

Unit IV – Manasika Prakriti : The Mental Constitution

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