Ayurveda Culinary & Recipes


Ayurvedic preparation of recipes is most exquisite in its exotic taste, aroma, textures and colors. You can enjoy eating Ayurvedic main meal and finish the meal with an Ayurvedic desert. All the Ayurveda dishes are good for nutrition, includes different variety of taste and are easy to cook.

  • Course Duration : 4 Months
  • Requires 25 hours of study
  • Detailed description below
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When you try Ayurvedic recipes, you discover a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Your whole system responds to the nourishment that comes from the subtle tastes and aromas of the special blend of spices. These subtle spices and aromas play a vital role in bringing us to a deeper level of health and well-being. This is not just another recipe course, but a unique health manual that, if applied with proper understanding, can lead to a whole new dimension in the enhancement of health and joy of eating. Ayurvedic cooking, with its wealth of spices, oils and cooking methods, offers a great variety of food. It also shows how to prepare food that is nourishing and invigorating, along with the sense of clarity.

Cooking is a sacred and healing act. As a cook, you participate in the nourishment and vitality of self and all those around. It is worth paying attention to this creative function. The more awareness you bring to this process the more genuinely healing results.

What is more important is cooking with awareness and using pure ingredients with understanding. Here is the detailed description of a variety of Ayurvedic main course meal, side dish and desert recipes that are easy to prepare, tasty yet healthy in the coming units. Since Indian cooking is also based on the principles of Ayurveda, we have added some interesting recipes from Indian cooking too. So now you can prepare Ayurvedic dishes and serve them to your kids and family. There are 5 Units in this course.

Unit I : Recipes for Different Prakriti & Detox Recipes

Unit II : Some more Ayurveda Recipes

Unit III : Indian Recipes – Ghee, Indian Breads & Rice Preparations

Unit IV : Indian Recipes – Chutney, Breakfast recipes, Yogurt & Sweet Preparations

Unit V : Indian Recipes – Cooking lentils & Vegetables