Foundation of Ayurveda Massage Techniques


Ayurveda massage is an art, which requires skills and is a science which demands a systemic knowledge of the subject. One should learn the basic things of Ayurveda massage and do regular practice to develop expertise.

  • Course Duration : 3 Months
  • Requires 20 hours of study
  • Detailed description below.

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Most of us consider massage as just a way of application of oil on the body to achieve relaxation and get relief from physical and mental stress. However Abhyanga explained in Ayurveda is a therapeutic massage technique which is different from other methods of massage because of various reasons like the usage of suitable medicated oils, diverse position, strokes and pressure applied for different persons based on age, Prakriti (Body constitution) and health condition. The approach of Ayurvedic massage is very much different from other methods because it is based on the principles of Pancha mahabhutas (five basic elements), consideration of Tridosha (three biological humors – Vata, Pitta & Kapha), taking into account, the status of Agni (biological fire) and consideration of Prakriti (Constitution) of the person for choosing the right medicated oil, pressure applied, strokes of massage, etc. The aim of Ayurvedic massage is to achieve the balance of energies of body system. It is very essential to consider few important aspects of the person to whom you are planning to offer the massage. These may be considered as pre-requisites for proper planning of Ayurvedic Massage. No other system takes them into consideration for this purpose.

Panchakarma treatments are the five-fold  Ayurveda cleansing therapies which get to the root cause of the problem and eliminate the deep seated toxic metabolites (Ama) from the body thereby restoring equilibrium of the doshas and promoting healthy tissues. Just like a tree has to be destroyed completely by uprooting it, diseases have to be cured completely by cleansing toxins from the body by Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments, otherwise there will be recurrence of the disease again and again.

Thus you can say that Ayurvedic Abhyanga is a customized massage plan which is explained in detail in the 4 Units of this training course.

Unit I – Basic principles & Philosophy of Ayurveda

Unit II – Understanding Ayurveda Massage

Unit III – Ayurveda Massage Procedures – Head massage, Foot massage, Spinal massage, Full body massage, Marma Chart

Unit IV – Ayurveda Massage Procedures – Prenatal & Postnatal massage, Baby massage

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