Ayurveda Therapist Training Program

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    This module provides a deeper examination of Ayurvedic concepts. The course content is divided into different units, packed with relevant information.
  • Basic principles of Ayurveda
  • Prakriti (body – type) analysis: Principles and practice
  • Concept of three main pillars of Ayurveda – Diet, sleep & celibacy
  • Ayurveda concept of Diet and Life style
  • Daily & Seasonal regimen as per Ayurveda – Concept f Dinacharya & Ritucharya
  • Concept of Rasayana (Geriatric & Rejuvenation therapy) according to Ayurveda
  • Vajikarana (aphrodisiacs) concepts of Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda Beauty Care:- Face Care, Skin care, Hair care
  • Marma (vital pressure point technique) therapy
  • Fundamentals of Diagnosis
  • Preparation of the herbs to be used for beauty care with inputs of their quality control measures
  • Basic concepts of Ayurveda Pharmacology – Dravyaguna
  • Herbs for primary health care
  • Basic concept of Panchakarma therapies
  • Shirodhara for stress alleviation and anxiety states
  • Ayurveda ways of pain management (Kati basti, Patrapinda swedanam, Nadi swedanam, Janu basti, Griva basti etc)
  • Abhyangam: Ayurveda massage techniques:- Head Massage, Spinal Massage, Body Massage with special Marma therapy, Special Ayurveda Massage techniques- Pizhichil, Synchronized massage,Udvartanam (herbal powder massage for obesity & cellulite’s management), Snehana (Oleation) & Swedanam (hot fomentation)
  • Nasya (drug administration through nose)
  • Tarpanam – Eye care treatment
  • Face care and Hair care therapies
  • Open session and assessment test

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4 to 8 Weeks