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Dear Dr Ji
          There are times I had thrived to get the real knowledge and understanding of AyurVeda and I am really happy that I got trained in such a noble place at your esteemed Organization. It was a great time at Chakrapani AyurVeda and an eye opener that really changed my perspective on AyurVeda and my lifestyle. With that momentum, Now I am planning to start a therapy centre on my own that would run with a guidance of an Ayuvedic physician serving the needy people in my locality. I must also would like acknowledge that, the training made me follow the natural Way of living and changed my lifestyle pattern really.
I must thank you for the quality of training given, the timely arrangements and the ‘one 2 one’ training sessions that are very much helped me acquiring the knowledge from well trained professionals. I kindly request you to  convey special regards to the Doctors, Dr.Pallavi Ji and Dr. Parvathi Ji, who are very open and sharing on their expertise and experience, and Pinky, the very nice Therapist who understands the level of a newcomer for the training and helps patiently.
I pray God to bless  My Dr Ji, with long enduring life and his service in seeding the next generation with the essence of AyurVeda, the knowledge of our great sages.

Thank You Sir

!With Regards

Dear Dr Pallavi,

"Advanced Certificate in Ayurveda Orientation (ACAO) is very well designed and written. As beginner, I found the course very informative. The learning material is written in such a simple language that as a learner I did not feel any kind of pressure of reading exhaustive literature. The tutors (Dr Pallavi Sharma and Dr Parvathy)provided excellent learning support. I recieved quick feedbacks on my assignments which helped me in maintaining my momentum. Designing such courses, Charakpani Ayurveda Institute has done a great job of promoting Indian Ancient Knowledge of living a healthy life and provided an opportunity to a person like me staying abroad to gain knowledge on Ayurveda. I would highly recommend this course. My best wishes to Charakpani Ayurveda Institute in all its endeavour's."

Torphichen Place, Edinburgh,Scotland, UK.

Many Thanks & Best Regards


"Dear Dr Rajesh and Manish, Thank you very much. We enjoyed the course which was very, very good. Our compliments once again for your center and your staff. We learned so much that we couldn't stop talking about it the last week in India." Dennis, Holland  ....Two weeks course on Ayurveda and Panchakarma at Chakrapani Global Center of Dr. Rajesh Kotecha was extremely enjoyable and gave us a lot of knowledge and practice spies. The work is established in a very peaceful and soft way. The staff is attentive and shows a great desire to collaborate with those who have an interest towards Ayurveda science. I am grateful for this experience, which can not be forgotten, forever. I have a strong intention to continue studying Indian culture and Ayurveda particularly..

. Lidia, KZ

Gary & Rajesh,
I know you and are very busy so there's no need to reply. I just wanted to say thank you again for your visit. I'm not sure is it's being around you two or learning about the herbs or doing the pancha karma (probably a combination of all of it) but at the end of the time I felt really peaceful and happy. I know all the clients feel the same way. I hope the rest of the trip goes well and that you are able to get plenty of rest when it is all done!
With care,

Namaste, Thank you for the advise. Let me tell you. When I visited doctor and discussed about the medicinal course for me, I did mention about the Ayurvedic medicine for me. I was little bit firm to take Ayurvedic medicine compare to Allopathic. Doctor has more suspicion on Ayurvedic medicine. He was not willing to agree for the Ayurvedic medicine. I think we as Indians do not have confidence in our own medical system. And we are not educating our people and also people around the world. We are more shy and introvert. We should aggressively campaign our medicinal system not only in India but outside India too. I know there is a remarkable change now a days but we should start teaching children from school and also should keep camps, seminars, workshops in cities and villages on regular basis. Anyway this was just my feeling......



Dear Sir,

Congratulations! I am very happy to see a comprehensive site on Ayurveda. I was searching for information on "Panchakarma Chikitsa", which I got on your site. Your featured news articles are a treasure of information. I keep visiting your site to read earlier articles & new information. Being an avid learner of Ayurveda & astrology, I thank you for including an astrological angle to health in your newsletters. Now I will be in a better position to study myself & improve through various measures from both sciences. Thanking you again,

Ajit Mengale, India


Dear Friends, Today you made me very happy because I received the older newsletters about Ayurveda I asked for and that was great for me! I understand that it was not very easy for you to send the things I asked for because the date of sending it to me was Dec 29 of the last year! So I can let you know that I received it in a good way and that I print it out successfully!! Many thanks for everything you do to me and for making Ayurveda going on all over the world ! Till next time all best wishes and Namaste!!

Rien Eijbersen


Thanx so much for your reply, and I am very happy reading the Skin and Hair Care II. I want to really try it, please keep me posted of these issues. I have one more request, pls. tell me if there is any way of making my immune strong ! Thanx and regards.



Dear Sir, Please send me your AyurvedaNews and any other health related news regularly to my e-mail address for which I shall be ever grateful to you. I am regularly reading your AyurvedaNews, which is more helpful for my day to day life. Regards,

K. Devendra Kumar


Dear Sir, We are in receipt of your mail "Ayurveda News" after reading we are very much inspired with the various types of home remedy for different types of common ailments. Even please elaborate on Migraine (particular cure). We will be very much thankful if you kindly let us know the above mentioned info. Thanking you,



Hi, Your newsletter is really cool. My mom sent it to me the first time and now I'm on your list. Thanks. Do you ever write a list of the different herbs and what they are used for? I would like to see that sometime. Thank you. All the best.

KP McCurdy


Dear Dr. Kotecha, Hello doctor, how are you this morning? I hope that you had a good trip back to India. My name is Melissa. I was your model for the Ayurveda hair care class in Tempe, Arizona USA. I am writing to thank you for letting my sister and I be your models. My sister's skin is smooth and beautiful and the treatment that you gave me seems to have brightened the red in my hair (would it be the Henna that brightened the red? It is beautiful, soft and shiny and I love it. Thank you again. Have a good day.




Thank you for your recent newsletter. I read with great interest the material on Tachyon Energy. I have tried to find out more by e-mailing the address you supplied and by trying to visit the website address given but I do not seem to be able to make contact. Have you any further e-mail addresses, etc. you could forward to me so I can find out more ? Thank you very much.

Kim Hawthorn


Your newsletter is wonderful and so are you for providing it. The International Film Festival was celebrated in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada's West Coast) where I live and showed a film simply named "Ayurveda." I think this will have spared much interest in your ages-old healing. The newsletter is very informative. Because many of your readers may be like myself, new to this form of treatment, it is good perhaps to explain diets -what may seem to be good for say, arthritis or cancer, may be unwise for another condition. However, I think you already are doing a good job but since you asked for feedback, I wished to give some. Oh yes, a Sikh friend recommended Rose Petal Jam to me but I am not really sure why it is such a successful product. Did get some as we have large E. Indian population here and attendant stores. I would like to know what such jam benefits in the body. Many blessings to you. You are doing a marvelous job and it is so generous of you!

Jan Elizabeth Springett Gould


Dear Dr Rajesh, This is Coralie. Just thought I should thank you for all the time you gave my family. We are grateful. I don't generally believe in doctors because I have met many since my stroke, but your medicine really works!! If you come to England please call me and let me know where you will be staying so that I can come for another consultation or you could simply e-mail me. Thank you again,



Namaste, Last week I received your mail about the constitution analysis and you gave me your reaction and I am very glad with it. Many thanks for helping me.



I enjoy receiving your newsletter. I print off each edition and keep it in a three ring binder for easy access. I returned from India a year ago and purchased your products while I was there. It is nice to know that you have such a beautiful web site and wonderful newsletter. Blessing of light to you,

Kristie Black


Thank you for your recent newsletter. I read with great interest the material on Tachyon Energy. I have tried to find out more by e-mailing the address you supplied and by trying to visit the website address given but I do not seem to be able to make contact. Have you any further e-mail addresses, etc. you could forward to me so I can find out more ? Thank you very much.

Kim Hawthorn


Hello Doctor, I really appreciate your time and the work you are doing for people through this website. Thank you, Sincerely,

Srikanth Kethu


Dear Dr. Rajesh, This is Prabakaran P Rao, once again to seek your help. In my earlier letters I have requested  help on line for myself, my wife, my father and my brother. Now in our family Jaipur and Jaipur Doctor has become the dining table talk. All are highly impressed about the online, on dot accurate help available very quickly.....

Prabakaran Rao


I am interested in your newsletter which is very informative and shall enable me to remain in touch with you. Thanks.

Mohinder Anand


Thank you so much for this great information! I am very grateful to you and will need your advice with respect.

Kimm Fuller


Dear Dr. Rajesh, thank you very much for your consideration and the recommendations you sent me in this regard. The medication you had prescribed me has certainly shown positive effects, it has helped a lot. It has been a very great help for me from you. Thank you once again.

Anuj Singh


Thank you very much for your reply. I have been regularly going through your newsletters that I am receiving and also keep visiting your web site often. It is really a wonderful repository of information and I have in fact recommended it to lot of my acquaintances.....



Dear Doctor, Greetings! Thanks for your News Letter and the listing of "Vaidya". Your News letter is very useful and it gives new inspiration. May God Bless your service and God Bless it. With Thanks.

Dr. Nelson Kochappavu


Dear Rajesh ji, Congratulations for just a good and informative site and it is good effort to promote our age old heritage for the new generation in the medium that suits it. Of course, thank u for your prompt reply, your information has helped me a lot. Now I have started implementing it...

Abhishek Joshi


This is a very useful and helpful site you have. I would definitely recommend this site to all my friends. I have already recommended it to my American friends too.....



Dear Dr Shakuntala, I've had a wonderful time reading the course material and even doing the assignment. As while doing them I have discovered so many new things, like the origin of mythology. And it had left me wanting for more in depth information. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, but I have loads of question already. Can I get them answered? And can you please recommend a book I can refer to, or a good commentary on Charak samhita, and where in Delhi it can be found. I got interested in Ayurveda recently after reading Dr. Deepak Chopra's book "Ageless body, Timeless mind" and discovered the concept of Dosha. I am very much interested in the mind body connection in human physiology. Love and light.



Thank you very much! I am sure that this will be very helpful, both in understanding myself and in gaining a better understanding of Ayurveda. Again, many thanks. I will recommend your site to my friends.

Katherine Wagner


Dear Dr Rajesh,
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply in suggesting the medicine. I will try to procure the medicine... Once again I convey our thanks. God be with you always to help and guide people who are in despair and bless you with a long life in the service of the humanity

Bhima Rao


Dear Sirs,
Thank you very much to have been given the opportunity to use your Ayurveda helpline and to consult a specialist from the Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center in Jaipur. We would like to use the herbal compound and immunity promoter Rasayanaprash as recommended by Dr. Rajesh Kotecha... We would like to congratulate you on the very good and helpful idea to create a consultation line. Sincerely,

Ludmila and Boryana Barbukova


Hi, I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to provide free holistic care. I am very interested in complementary medicine myself and understand that it is out there for the good of everyone, whereas I am trying to educate others at this point as well... Thank you for your time. Have a great day.



Dear Sir, We are honored to give our consent. We would like also to inform you that we have sent a copy of your newsletters dealing with the dietary habits of the Hunzas and the Pre- and Post Natal Care to specialists in nutrition, osteoporosis, infants' health, kinesitherapy and even traditional Chinese medicine. They all find it very interesting as well as your helpline and the possibility to deliver the recommended products. It is good example for our country. With best regards.

 Ludmila and Boryana



Sir, I am an ardent fan of Ayurveda and I am interested in your newsletter. I request that u may keep posted the news letters for which I'll be grateful. thanking you,



Dear Sir, I have just viewed your site and was really impressed by your information, sincerity and love for Ayurveda. I also loved the image of Lord Dhanvantari that you have on your site. I am from Australia and am currently studying Ayurvedic Medicine. Being in Australia it is extremely hard to find information, so therefore I have a bit a difficulty learning.....May God bless you. Om Shanti.



Thanks for the kind invitation. Please accept best wishes for the event. I would have loved to attend but will be out of the town. Will try to catch up one day.

Harsh Vardhan


I have just discovered your newsletter on the web and would very much like to subscribe! Thanking you.



Thank you for another wonderful article. I am planning to move into a new home in the spring and will consult Dr. Krishna's workbook on Vaastu when decorating and organizing this new space. Namaste.

Kimm Fuller


Thanks a lot for your AyurvedaNews, you have asked me for feedback, in my opinion it is really informative, and even though I was not able to find enough info about Panchakarma, your page really helped me...

- Serpyl Evsen


Thanks for your response regarding our request. I hope this is the right place to acknowledge the receipt of the response. Let me take the opportunity to tell you that in my view, you are doing a very noble job to let world know about Ayurveda. And also accept our thanks for providing free consultation...

Paresh Shah


Dear Dr. Kotecha, Thank you so much for your consideration and response. I did listen to your lecture at the OM Healing Arts Center in Omaha, Nebraska, USA last month, and found it very helpful. I will contact Garry & Sun today to begin this regimen. (My yoga instructor, Jenn Marcussen, said that she has been drinking the herbal tea you prescribed for her, and is experiencing great benefit). Namaste,



Dear Dr. Rajesh 'Vaidya',

Thank you for your consultation. I have great confidence in your clinic and research center. I appreciate your assistance and will follow through with your recommendations. Gratefully yours,

Clare Beaumont


Thank you for my recent info on my Dosha. I always look forward to reading about it and trying to adjust my life style to elicit changes. My warm regards.

Wendy Roberts


Thank you very much for the constitution analysis. Now I can start to make the changes necessary to enhance my health. Very best wishes.

Claire Bamber


Dear Dr. Kotecha, Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my question, Vaidyaji. I will follow your advice. I have the greatest confidence in the wisdom of Ayurveda and the balanced efficacy of the herbs. Perhaps some day I will have an opportunity to visit your clinic in Jaipur. Best regards.

Tom Morgan


A million thanks Dr. Rajesh! I wasn’t hoping for such a great response. Actually I have been pretty hopeless as doctors here haven’t been able to cure me - since a year.....I will follow your prescribed suggestions. And will get in touch with you when you are here (US). Our rich Indian heritage always makes me proud! Namaste,



Hi, It is nice reading interesting and valuable articles where Ayurveda is still treasured in the minds and hearts of people... An Institute like yours helps in the upliftment and spreading of such knowledge. Once again thanks.




I like to wish all of you a very very happy new year, much luck, health and peace are the things I like to wish you.!!! Many thanks for all the newsletters you send to me the last year, I enjoy knowing about Ayurveda. May God Bless you all!! Namaste!

Rien Eijbersen, The Netherlands

The help you have provided with my health problem and the trouble you have taken to get the treatment to me has been very kind, helpful and professional. In two months time after carrying out the treatment (tablets and oil mixture) I would like to keep in touch to let you know how things have gone. I am sure I will be reporting back excellent results. Thank you again, kind regards.

Jon Ransom



Hello from Australia, I wish you to know I do enjoy your articles very much. Ayurveda is very new here in Australia and some knowledgeable and accurate information about it would be fantastic. I wish you peace and happiness in the New year. Regards,

Vicky, Australia


Congratulations on your move to a bigger facility! How exciting it must be for you all. I wish that I could be there to share in the ceremony and celebration. Know that I will be there in spirit. Namaste!

Barbara, USA

Thanks for the invitation; however. pre-arranged tour to Mumbai won't allow me to witness this occasion. My heartiest good wishes for its success. Best Regards,

Dr Vijay Chauhan, India

Thank you very much for your invitation. I congratulate you for your bigger clinic. Since I live in Turkey, it is very difficult to me to come to India; but I appreciate India and Ayurveda very much. I wish you all the best. With kind regards.

Nazife, Turkey


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