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Online (Long-term) Training Courses


Learn Ayurveda offers various courses on Ayurveda through its distance learning programme. Tailor-made course may also be arranged to meet your specific need.

Practical training facility is also available at our Jaipur based center in India. On request class room teaching and practical demonstrations may be arranged anywhere in the world, only for a large group.

Designing of course structure and preparation of study material have been done by eminent Ayurvedic experts.

Presently we are offering the following courses on Ayurveda:

1. Introductory Course in Ayurveda Orientation (ICAO)
2. Certificate Course in Ayurveda orientation (CAO)
3. Advance Certificate Course in Ayurveda Orientation
4. Practical Training.

The ICAO course is a basic level course and CAO is more advanced level course which already covers the topics in ICAO and other advanced topics,  ACAO is much more elaborate course which covers the topics of both ICAO & CAO course along with other advanced topics. You can always register for ACAO course without undergoing ICAO or CAO course if you know the basics of ayurveda already.

The course material will be sent through e-mail as an attachment in PDF format. You can print the course material. Every unit will have some assignment to evaluate your performance. After getting your reply for the given assignment, we shall send you the next unit. It is up to you how soon you finish the given assignments.


Contact us at :

              Chakrapani Global Center for Training & Research in Ayurveda
 8 Diamond hill, Behind Birla temple, Tulsi circle,
   Shanti path, Jaipur-302004, India. 
   Phone +91-141-2624003   Fax: +91-141-2620746


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